The ZEPTER MUSEUM continues its policy of promoting the youngest artists who are presently entering the visual arts scene and has prepared for the Museum Night an exhibition of the works by Stefan Mirosavić, Staircase, From Diploma to the Doctorate.

         Having specifically noticed him at the annual show of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in 2013,the ZEPTER MUSEUMu purchased two of his works for its collection. From his first steps into the artistic arena Stefan Mirosavić, who was then finishing his diploma studies, has arrived to his doctoral exhibition that promises a successful career in the arts. His staircases, masterfully drawn in pen and ink may be the ascending precursor of the future in front of him.

In the exhibition catalogue, Stefan Mirosavić wrote the following:

For some time, drawing has been a separate and independent visual arts discipline on the local art scene. Since younger generations of artists increasingly treat it as such, one could say that the drawing has won its own place in art. This is an important step forward for the drawing because it was taken to be an artist’s personal problem and originally used only for sketching or as a proposal for a future study.

With me, the drawing has remained in the form of study, but a study brought to its maximum, both in the analysis and the format in which it is realised.

This research in drawing, pursued for many years, will express its mature phase and its greatest potential at this exhibition, the result of a five-year engagement in the doctoral project.

The motifs I choose, relying on my own experience of harmony and composition, are represented in a particular format and a simplified form in order to leave a special effect on the observer because of the specific realisation of the drawing that requires considerable concentration, persistence and perseverance.

I structure the form of the drawing with parallel lines drawn in free hand with the pen, and in India ink. I realise the complex contrasts and tonal values by changing the density of the lines and by diluting the black ink with water.